About the Author

IMG_0997My name is Alejandra Campos.

I wrote my first short story when I was 7 years old. It was a story about fat and funny extra-terrestrial beings who ended up being my friends.

During my teenage years, and due to my love for hip-hop music, I spent time writing rimes for imaginary songs, some poetry that helped me deal with the changes happening in and out, and stories about new and different worlds.

Also, I read every book that passed in front of me.

My love for writing and reading led me to think Literature would be a good career for me. It was. And it was not.

For the first time, I was surrounded by people with similar interests than me. Most of them not only wrote during their entire life but they really read everything before entering university. Like me, some of them had dreams about exploring creativity in new levels.

University, though, was a hundred percent about conventional Literature Academia and nothing about being creative. After three years of Academia, I quit.

My life transformed: I decided to dedicate my life to yoga, a practice I began at 16 years old. A practice that, slowly but firmly, was teaching me about exploring different aspects of myself with respect but no fear.

Apart from my journals, I never wrote again.

But then, what I share in ElDorado happened and it forced me to find a way back to peace. Back home. So I rediscover writing.

I wrote this story in English because it was the main language in which everything happened and, when I tried to write it in Spanish, thinking it could be easier and nicer, it felt impossible and rarely heartbreaking.

Please feel welcome to read the First Chapter of the ElDorado for free here.

If you feel called to continue reading you can purchase the book in printed form here.

Thank you and enjoy the ride!